The Sense of Thought

Imagination is creation


Imagination is creation

Prediction – Google Buy Sprint


I have actually predicted this many years ago when I predicted ChromeOS (I called it GoogleOS though) and also predicted Google to buy Android. Now, the next piece of the puzzle for Google to acquire would logically (at least to me based on patterns I’ve observed) be to purchase Sprint. Why Sprint? Well, Sprint stock right now is 5.99 a share and continues to drop and they have been in...

Thought: A Sense Afterall


One of my many theories. The Sense of Thought. The Sense of Thought is recognizing the Power of Thought and using it. Mind is creative, and conditions, environment and all experiences in life are the result of our habitual or predominant mental attitude. People think thoughts, sending vibrational patterns to the Universe. These vibrational patterns are reflected to our perceivable reality. These...

Bruce Wayne – Mental Patient


When you realize Bruce Wayne is really a patient at Arkham Asylum and Batman and every villain are different personalities fighting for control of Bruce Wayne’s mind. Tortured by his mind after witnessing his parents die. Vicki Vale is his doctor and Alfred is his conscious.

Reality: A theory of personal simulated reality


Personal Simulated Reality Theory by Ryn Garcia Imagine that each person has their own personal simulated reality that is being simulated for said person in real time. Example: Ryn’s reality is being generated for Ryn and the other people in his reality are being auto-generated from the metadata of said person from their personal simulated reality and the choices they make in their reality...

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